The year 2013 will forever remain a special year for me: the year of my best friend's wedding. Like most girls, we had been planning for this significant milestone well in advance (since childhood), in turn focussing on the key aspects of the event: The Dress, The Photographer, The Make-Up.  All three deserve to be capitalised.

We were therefore over-the-moon when she finally met The Man.

I must admit, that I was probably even happier about this than her.  Not having a sister of my own, the friendship between us was like the bond between two sisters and being extremely protective of her, I was pleased to be able to give her away to someone who actually exceeded my excruciating standards.  Someone who, in my eyes, deserved her.

Sara had been supportive and protective of me throughout the years, for example, in nursery she chased a boy around the playground so he would leave me alone (this may also have been the reason why I remained single for the next twenty years of my life…).  She demonstrated great patience when I went through my 'I'm a psychic phase' at age 9 and by feigning interest in stories about my fictional dream guy of ten years.  Most importantly, I love her deeply for encouraging my dreams and ambitions by instilling self-belief in me, through believing in me herself. 

For all these lovey-dovey reasons it was only fair that I attempt to throw her a bridal shower she would always remember…. if not there are a few pictures I could show her that might jog her memory!

And so, I invite you, dear reader, to Sara's Vintage-Themed Bridal Shower:

Bridal Shower Invite

Shower Games

Here is a list of some of the games I prepared for the shower.  The final two are actually victorian parlour games (they appeared to be obsessed with cats)!

  1. TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE: An icebreaker game where each attendee introduces herself by telling the group three things about herself- one of which is a lie.  The group must guess which one is a lie.
  2. THE BALLOON PASS: Splitting between two teams, pass a balloon around from one person to the next without using your hands.  The first team to finish wins.
  3. TOILET PAPER AND A STICK: The elected team captain of each team must stand on one side of the room with a broomstick between their legs.  The other team members standing not the opposite side of the room must cross the room toward the captain with a toilet paper between their legs (no hands) and the team to get all the toilet rolls onto the pole first, wins. *Note:  Ensure pictures are taken during this game!*
  4. THE BRIDAL DRESS: Each team must design a unique and gorgeous bridal dress in 5 mins.  Using toilet roll only.
  5. WEDDING CHARADES: A member of each team must act out a wedding-themed film and the team that gets it right receives the point.  This ensures both teams are engaged during the game!
  6. THE QUIZ: Compile a list of questions about the groom and see how many the bride gets right.  To make it more interesting pre-record the grooms answers and play it back each time the bride has given her answer.  The audience can then judge how close she was to the right answer!
  7. POOR PUSSY: One player is at the centre of the circle and must walk around the inside of the circle on their hands and knees and then adopt the begging position at the feet of a chosen person in the circle.  The player must then look as pitiful as possible and must cry out a sad sounding ‘meow’.  The player opposite must keep a straight face, not laugh or smile and repeat three times ‘poor pussy’.  If the player has even a hint of a smile she must become the new pussy.
  8. THE MINISTER'S CAT: In this game everyone sits in a circle and go around trying to complete the sentence with an adjective beginning with ‘A’ e.g. The minister’s cat is an Adorable cat.  Once the circle is completed, the players must continue this time using an adjective beginning with ‘C’- if you cannot come up with an adjective or repeat one already used you are out of the game.  However the sentence revolves around the groom! e.g. Sara thinks that Ahmed’s eyes are… eyes/ Sara thinks that Ahmed’s eyebrows are… eyebrows  and so on!